Appointments and Billing

  • In-person and telehealth appointments can be scheduled.

  • Initial evaluations are 90-120 minutes.

  • Follow up appointments are 45-60 minutes.

  • Standard billing rates will be provided upon initial phone contact.

  • Services are out-of-network only.

  • Payment is required at the time of service and an invoice will be provided for your records and/or for submission to your insurance company if you plan to seek reimbursement.

  • We will work with any family in need to establish rates on a sliding scale if you are unable to afford our standard rates.

If you will be requesting reimbursement from your insurance company

  1. Call ahead to discuss your specific out-of-network benefits for feeding therapy. Most out-of-network benefits will require you to meet a deductible and pay coinsurance.

  2. If asked for CPT codes they are as follows: 92610 – for feeding evaluation; 92526 – for feeding therapy.

  3. If asked for a diagnosis (ICD-10) code; the most frequently applicable code is R63.3 – which broadly represents feeding difficulties. (Please note: There are many other diagnosis codes that may be deemed applicable but cannot be determined until the time of evaluation.)

Cancellation Policy

I do not charge cancellation fees unless there is an established pattern of last-minute cancellations.